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The processing of payment in online casinos has emerged as a major issue in the industry due to government constraints on credit card companies. At a time when online gambling was taking off, credit card was considered as the most logical mode of making payments. Credit cards were easy to use in order to make online casino payments. But, with banks showing hesitation in allowing use of credit cards for making gambling purposes, other banking solutions have emerged to help online casino players. One of the most popular payment solutions that have alleviated the loss of credit cards is Neteller. It has opened up many banking facilities to allow online casino players to make purchases and withdrawals from their online casino account. Neteller is trusted by online casinos like any other major financial institution. Over the years, it has established itself as a safe and easily accessible online payment and retrieval service provider.

NETeller Casinos is so popular and reliable that almost every online casino offers Neteller as the new alternative to any kind of purchases. You can open your NETeller Casinos account fast and for free. It allows you to carry out all transactions in a 100% safe and secure environment, so you will never have to get concerned about any kind of security risks. In addition to its free and convenient sign-up process, most of the Neteller enabled online casinos offer a number of bonus incentives to their customers. These incentives not only attract large number of players, but they also help in spreading the message of a perfect alternative to credit card payment options. You can use NETeller Casinos to transfer funds with other account holders or other online merchants as well.

The sign-up process involves filling up The International or North American registration form. Submission of the registration form is acknowledged through an email. You can log into your account using the 12 digit Account ID, starting with ‘45’. You would appreciate the additional security feature of NETeller Casinos, because it has another 6 digit number, called the Secure ID, which provides extra security. On sign-up, both of your Account ID and Secure ID are delivered to your email. The extra layer of security provided by the Secure ID is an additional safeguard against any kind of online security lapses.

You can easily fund your NETeller Casinos account with a number of options. Online players can readily deposit an amount from $ 20 to $750 into their NETeller Casinos account. In addition to Electronic Funds Transfer, you can use a number of other options to fund your NETeller Casinos account. These can be Instacash, Bank Deposit/Wire, Visa or MasterCard and F-cash Deposit. International casino players can fund their account using Bank Wire transfer, credit cards and certified checks. Certifying your NETeller Casinos account can also help you to enhance your limit.

You can easily cash your online winnings by using the fast and easy withdrawal feature of NETeller Casinos. These withdrawals can also be made using Electronic Funds Transfer, credit cards, debit cards and checks. Debit cards are the better option to make withdrawals from your NETeller Casinos account. It enables you to withdraw the amount fast, with ease and in a safe manner. Comparatively credit cards can take up to 30 days to display the amount on your statement. Neteller is the best option for individuals who want to gamble online, and carry out purchases and withdrawals. Due to the recent development in regulations for internet payment, NETeller Casinos has emerged as an important solution for online casino players. Due to its ease of use and versatility, there is no doubt that today NETeller Casinos is quickly gaining trust with most online casino players.

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