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Keno Online

Keno is often a curiosity for many players since it is not as popular as some of the other casino games but it does have its own loyal followers. Even online keno has several enthusiasts that truly understand and enjoy the game. The game is a combination of bingo and of lottery and with online keno you will be able to select a card and pick twenty numbers from 1 to 80. You would be able to select any numbers at all. There would be a draw later and 20 numbers would be randomly picked out. the amount that you win will depend on the numbers that match the numbers that you picked. Several casinos offer 15 ball games. However, the concept tends to remain the same like online keno.

The payout for each casino can be a little different so it would be quite important for players to research a little before playing online keno. The game is quite underestimated by several players but it is quite enjoyable since it offers monster jackpots, the ability to enjoy small house edge and small stakes. With the large number of online casinos today offering online keno, you will definitely find several great places to enjoy the game.

Keno Casino Bonuses

While my video poker playing friends might mock me for it, I’ve always been a big fan of Keno for its simplicity. While your odds of winning might not be quite as high as with other online casino games, you really don’t need to have any skill or understand game strategy in order to receive a great payout with online Keno. I love that all I have to do is make my number selections from a list of 80 numbers, for a chance to win big. And while I say strategy doesn’t really come into play with online Keno, to win more, one of the top Keno tips I would give to a new Keno player is to find an online casino that offers Keno bonuses that way you get a chance to become a little more comfortable putting more on the line to increase your chance at a big payout.

If you read the fine print for many virtual casinos Welcome Bonuses, you’ll find that often Keno makes a good contribution to the wagering requirements that allow you to make a cashout, which in itself makes Keno a great game to play. To see if Keno counts towards a virtual casino’s Welcome Bonus, make sure you read the terms and conditions closely. It will either list it under a contribution percentage for wagering requirements or mention that it’s one of the playable games for a cashout; often listed alongside Slots.

Some casinos do offer exclusive Keno bonuses in addition to Welcome Bonuses, like Jackpot Capital Keno Crazy Keno Bonus offer which gives Keno players a ridiculous 100% matching bonus on a deposit up to $500 when the code KENOCRAZY is used! Some virtual casinos also offer completely free bonuses to attract Keno players who might not be used to playing their favorite game online. Having first been introduced to Keno within my community, I was first enticed to play at online casinos by Keno Bonuses like that offered by Jackpot City which gives new players 500 free casino credits to check out their Keno games!

Now that you know where to get the best online bonuses for your favorite Keno game, have your lucky numbers ready!

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