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Free Play Time Casinos

Online casinos are always looking for ways to reward you more and more handsomely. Competition is extremely tough in the world of online casinos and even those promotions that look too good to be true are more often than not very genuine!

In recent years, gamblers have been able to enjoy a new concept – free play time casinos. These are online casinos that offer players a unique type of bonus – the opportunity to play at their sites for a certain amount of time with free credits to boot! What could be more lucrative than that?

Free play time casinos are available on the internet and are well worth a visit. Players are invited to play any of their favorite games at the site for a certain amount of time – usually an hour – and whatever they win during this time is theirs to keep! What better deal could you find anywhere?

Gamblers may wonder what happens if they don’t win anything when they take advantage of this deal at free play time casinos. This is not a problem because most online casinos will allow players to still enjoy a sign up bonus at their site.

To claim these great promotions at free play time casinos, players need to download the software from these sites, install it onto their computers and register as a real player. Once players have registered with free play time casinos, they are usually sent an email to their registering address within an hour, telling them that they have one free hour at their disposal, just waiting to be used.

When you are ready to play at the free play time casinos, you will enter the software and press the link that will take you to the free one hour play. The online casino will then credit your account with the amount that was promised (for example $500 worth of credits) and this money will be at your disposal for the full amount of free time that was offered to you.

Some free play time casinos will offer the free hour offer on a miniature version of the real casino. This is so that players will have access to a timer that will let them know exactly how much time they have left with their free offer.

If your internet connection is not very trustworthy, now may be a good time to get it fixed up before redeeming the great offers at free play time casinos. If you are disconnected from the casino while your one hour is running, the clock will not stop, so you will need to be quick about reconnecting!

When you have won a certain amount of money over the original credits offered by the free play time casinos, you will be able to withdraw your winnings into a real money account. Most online casinos require that you make a deposit into this account before you can withdraw these winnings. There is also usually a maximum amount of prize money that you can claim in these free hour promotions.

As with any type of online casino promotion, there are certain terms and conditions that you should bear in mind before taking advantage of them. For example, free play time casinos may only be used by first time, real account players during the promotion time period. Players have precisely the time of the promotion allocated to them, and the amount of credits allocated cannot be increased or reallocated.

There are also wagering requirements to take advantage of free play time casinos. For example, not all games count the same towards wagering requirements. At some casinos, slots and parlor games may count 100% towards the wagering requirements, however games such as table poker and sic bo may count towards 50% of the requirements, while low edge games such as blackjack and roulette only count 2% towards these gambling requirements. The bottom line is that players should examine their own gambling habits to understand whether free play time casinos will work for them.

Free play time casinos are an awesome way for players to get a good idea of what a site has to offer, and to determine whether the games and software are what they are looking for in a gambling experience.

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