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EcoCard is one of the most secure online money transfer service, which allows customers to access any online merchant worldwide. With its main links with major EU Countries, EcoCard offers the infrastructure and trustworthiness to present an alternative to the current online casino deposit services. With EcoCard, there is virtually no limit with the type of transfer you want to carry out online. EcoCard Casinos have been operating since 2000 and they have established an image as the safest way to transfer funds into casino accounts. Compared to the time-consuming and hectic funds transfer processes of other competitors, EcoCard is convenient and very fast to use.

Since the market for online casino funds transfer is highly saturated, it has become difficult to reach more and more consumers with multi-faceted and valued-added services. Most of the casino payment services are differentiated in their fees and charges, consumer loyalty schemes and incentives. The truth about online payment options is that even though you can choose from a wide array of services, there is not much difference in the product profile. Accessibility to large number of merchant sites has now emerged as the single largest factor which is being preferred and sought after by consumers. This is also rational because customers do not feel comfortable jumping between different accounts when playing online.

Due to its availability at almost every online casino, EcoCard is the most popular casino payment service. One can find hundreds of EcoCard Casinos on the internet. It is one of the most versatile and flexible funds transfer methods, both for players as well as casinos. EcoCard Casinos have one of the most trusted and solid reputation for maintaining highest standards of confidentiality and safety for customer information and funds. EcoCard Casinos take their customers through a fast and simple registration process. The best news for casino players is that, with EcoCard, you will never have to bear any kind of transaction charges. EcoCard Casinos can be used with a large number of European Banks. Due to the large number of benefits associated with EcoCard Casinos, more and more online casino players are switching to EcoCard to make payments as well as withdrawals. And the story does not complete there. Presently, more and more European Banks and online casinos are tying-up with EcoCard. Hence, the value proposition of this funds transfer service is enhancing daily.

You can deal in almost each and every major currency in EcoCard Casinos, with the amount of currencies constantly increasing. EcoCard Casinos also provide you with the facility to transfer your funds from the EcoCard Casinos account to your bank accounts. This facility is very hard to find with other online transfer services. You can even access your EcoCard Casinos account by check. One can easily create an EcoCard account by signing up at their website. The EcoCard interface is similar to any of the conventional internet-banking websites. The website provides multi-layer security along with SSL 3.1 protocol and a number of firewalls to facilitate a completely safe and secure transaction environment. Since, the money in the EcoCard Casinos account is your own, it will always encourage you to purchase and play responsibly.

EcoCard maintains complete anonymity with the merchant, because they receive no further information than the card number and user ID number. Due to tremendously low costs involved, it is gaining good ground and reputation with casinos as well. For every online casino player, EcoCard Casinos is the best option. There is no kind of hassle or delay in the sign-up process and with other numerous benefits, coupled with highest level of security, EcoCard is gradually emerging as the most popular payment method in casinos.

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