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Craps Bonuses

As a Craps player, you may find yourself drawn to an online casino anticipating that you will be rewarded with a pretty hefty bonus of either free money to play with, or the option to have your deposit matched up to a pre-determined amount. But don’t be mislead, for those who like to play online Craps, often many of the top casinos do not count Craps towards the wagering requirements to cash out the bonuses; so you’ll find yourself very disappointed if you spend time registering yourself only to discover that you can’t play your favorite game, Craps!

As always, make sure that you read the terms and conditions for all bonuses before you sign up. This information is typically on a Bonus or Promotions page of a virtual casino’s website, so you don’t have to download the software to determine if a Craps Bonus is available. While often virtual casinos do offer exclusive bonuses that can be used by Blackjack or Slots players, Craps is one casino game that just doesn’t seem to get any bonuses of its own. However, there are a number of virtual casinos that offer a Craps Bonus by allowing game play to count towards other deposit or free bonus wagering requirements.

If you are a Craps player looking for a Craps Bonus at a top online casino, check out Giant Vegas Casino; with two deposit bonuses worth up to $500 between them which can be used for game play at the Craps tables. Wild Vegas Casino has a similar name and a similar Craps Bonus, with an incredibly generous 350% matching bonus on all deposits over $20.

Another way to keep yourself informed about upcoming Craps Bonuses at your favorite virtual casinos is to sign up for their email newsletters, which typically includes any exclusive short-term bonuses on offer at any given time. Often, Weekend, Weekday, Holiday or specialty bonuses focus on recruiting new players to specific casino games, and during certain time periods a Craps Bonus may be available. However, you do need to ensure that you receive the virtual casino’s emails or keep checking back at the website to see if Craps Bonuses are being featured.

If Craps is your game, don’t be discouraged about the limited Craps Bonuses available; visit the virtual casinos above, or recheck the terms and conditions for bonus play at your favorite casinos to see if bonuses apply when you place wagers at the Craps tables!

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